Alliance Membership

The Florida Gulfcoast Commercial Association of Realtors® (FGCAR) is a stand-alone commercial overlay board, which means we cover several counties within the Gulfcoast region. Our charter from the National Association of Realtors® is to focus on COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE ONLY.

Our members are all doing business within the commercial real estate community locally and statewide. Our members do billions of dollars of business every year and we encourage you to join with their success.

Our professional vendor members are known as ALLIANCE MEMBERS. This reflects the business alliance we look to develop with you… Joining FGCAR as an Alliance Member will deliver your marketing package for the year. However, you will
build and develop that business by becoming involved.

You will only grow your business if you attend events, network, join committees and become recognized within the community. Donate less than an hour a month and join a committee, become a speaker at a lunch or host an event.

Membership is only part of the sales model that will deliver success. We will help you by customizing your marketing package. Within this brochure is the standard examples of programs available. However, we believe in alliances that work for everyone. You can let us know what your style of marketing and we will create that for you…