Value of FGCAR Broker/Agent Membership

FGCAR is recognized as a leader, an educator and a provider of benefits to members who lead by example to build a strong commercial real estate community. FGCAR is one of the best ways to widen your professional network. You will increase your credibility with clients and help give your career a boost by providing access to people, resources, and continuing education opportunities you wouldn’t be able to obtain otherwise.

FGCAR is highly regarded among commercial real estate professionals across Tampa Bay and Florida. FGCAR members are made up of Brokers and Agents that are focused on the sale and lease of all type of commercial property. If you are a broker or agent then you have several membership options - shown below:

Professional suppliers of services to brokers, which includes Title Companies, Banks, Credit Unions, Legal and Environment services and anything related to the sales or leaser of that property. That membership is Alliance Membership see the information link at the bottom of this page for the packages available to support you as an Alliance Member of FGCAR.  We recognize those companies that support our association and provide them with strong marketing opportunities to help build business.  ALLIANCE MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION

  • PRIMARY REALTOR® MEMBER:   Licensed broker or salesperson whose broker is a REALTOR® member and IS NOT currently a primary member of another REALTOR® Association. This means that you pay NAR and Florida REALTOR® annual dues through FGCAR to enable you to access FREE services and discounted legal forms and support. You are able to use the title of REALTOR® if you wish. Membership and the dues must be paid no later than December 28 of each year. Annual PRIMARY dues are $579.00 - NEW members pay a pro-rated price dictated by the month they join.
  • SECONDARY REALTOR® MEMBER:  Licensed broker or salesperson who is currently a Primary Member of another REALTOR® Association and requires the added benefits of FGCAR as a commercial professional. Annual SECONDARY dues are $210.00 - NEW members pay a pro-rated price dictated by the month they join.
  • INSTITUTE AFFILIATE MEMBER:  Designee who elects to submits dues directly to NAR and FR via their certification organization. (ALCs, CREs, CPMs, CCIMs, SIORs) but wishes to take advantage of the benefits of FGCAR and its professional community.  Annual IA dues are $280.00 - NEW members pay a pro-rated price dictated by the month they join.
  • FGCAR LOCAL INDIVIDUAL LICENSEE: Professional commercial real estate licensed broker or sales agent who wishes to enjoy all of the benefits and services that FGCAR offers for education and business building including access to full CIE but does not wish to be recognized as a REALTOR®, pay NAR and FR fees to gain access to the FREE and Discounted services. Annual LOCAL dues are $290.00 - NEW members pay a pro-rated price dictated by the month they join.
  • CATYLIST LISTING TOOL - This is a 100% commercial listing and marketing tool. This service is available for each membership type listed above. Adding Catylist CIE to membership provides access to a database with Local Understanding and provides National Exposure. Members join a family of markets around the country that have chosen to work together to share information. This system also has a public face site called - COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE - to better raise the profile of your listingsMORE DETAILS GO HERE

Catylist gives a service tailored to the needs of our market, with the benefits of exposure on a network that spans the country. You have the ability to post unlimited number of listings, plus tools for email communications, marketing, listing syndication, reporting, market analysis, and more. Grow your business with CIE. Annual subscriber fee $600.00 - a saving of  (this service can be added to any of the above membership levels - pricing is prorated for new members - membership in FGCAR will save over $1,200 a year)


Join today by completing the application form with your professional information.

We cannot process any membership without being provided with all your license and NRDS information. Lack of data will delay membership and CIE access. If you are a brand new licensed broker we can provide you with a NRDS number.  We will make the process easy - if you need help call 727-939-4227.




Each REALTOR® firm appoints one of its principals as a "designated REALTOR®" (DR) for the firm. If any agents, brokers, or appraisers affiliated with the firm choose not to be REALTORS®, then the "designated REALTOR®" would be assessed a non-member assessment by NAR through the association for each non-member.

If any principal (DR) who otherwise qualifies for REALTOR® membership decides not to join a REALTOR® association, then none of the individuals affiliated with the firm can be REALTOR® members of a association. The principal(s) have what is called "board of choice," which means he or she can decide which REALTOR® association(s) in the state where the office is located (or contiguous to that state) to join.
Licensees affiliated with a REALTOR® firm may choose as their primary association any association in the state (or a state contiguous to that state) where the firm maintains a "designated REALTOR®."

Form Simplicity's Professional Edition is included in your REALTOR® membership

Real estate is a mobile industry. Whether you are in your client’s office or in your car, Form Simplicity gives you the tools to put real estate contracts together fast, improving your client’s experience. Use your mobile device to create offers on the spot. Capture signatures quickly with e-Sign, Form Simplicity’s integrated electronic signature service. Form Simplicity’s paperless features saves several hours per transaction, increasing profitability and productivity.  


Designed with you in mind, the REALTOR Benefits® Program is your official member benefits resource, bringing you savings and unique offers on products and services just for REALTORS®.



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